Nice Radius

Wednesday Journal

Wednesday Journal - Nice RadiusOak Park Police Chief Rick Tanksley and Oak Park Police Officer Ed Hadac were in high spirits as they rolled up to the Wednesday Journal offices last Friday in a Cruise Car Kudo model electric car.

The "green" car was on loan for the weekend from the Electric Vehicle Company in Northbrook, and officers spent the next few days scooting around town in it.

"I'd like to get it out there and see if it works," said Ron Fantetti, Oak Park fleet superintendent.

The Kudo, a four-seat car powered by eight batteries that only reaches speeds of 25 mph and vaguely resembles a moon rover, would be used in densely populated areas of the village, such as Downtown Oak Park.

Incorporating the car into the Oak Park Police Department's fleet would be part of a broader attempt to cut down on carbon emissions, reduce the amount of money spent on gasoline, and decrease the number of patrol cars in downtown Oak Park.

"It plays into reducing our carbon footprint and reducing our motor fuel cost," Fantetti said, "and a lot of pollutants downtown don't make for a very pleasant walk."

Hadac expressed approval, saying, "It's a glorified golf cart ... but it's got a nice turning radius!"